Transform Your International Shipping Operations with Sprint Shipping Platform!

Navigating the complications of international shipping requires a robust ally. Welcome to Sprint Shipping Platform, your comprehensive logistics solution tailored for mailbox providers, freight forwarders, and international e-commerce providers. Our platform is engineered to help you kickstart your own international shipping and logistics service, easing the intricacies of global shipping.

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Advanced Notification System
+ Task Management System
Advanced Billing & Rates System

Immerse in the Spectrum of Features Offered by Sprint Shipping Platform

Built with Operations in mind.

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Automated Reception Offloading

Transition to an automated realm where tracking numbers, package photos, dimensions and weight are logged automatically, offloading the reception workload and ensuring every parcel is duly accounted for.

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Precision Dimensioning, Weighing, and Scanning

Our system automates the crucial steps of dimensioning, weighing, and scanning tracking numbers, ensuring accurate warehouse receipts every time.

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Effortless Labeling and Tagging

Label and tag each item with ease, prepping them for their global journey.


Streamline, Automated operations for your Business and Customers.

Effortless Labeling and Tagging

Label and tag each item with ease, prepping them for their global journey.

Swift Document Generation

Expedite your documentation process with effortless generation of essential shipping documents like airway bills and delivery orders.

Secure, Modular Focus

Our modular focus allows us to tailor plugins to cater to your specific business needs and nuances, creating a bespoke solution that evolves with you.

Customer-Centric Task Creation

Tailor tasks based on customer requests, ensuring a personal touch in your service delivery.

Seamless Invoice Generation & Export

Create and export detailed invoices for shipments directly to QuickBooks Online, streamlining your financial processes.

Auto Charge Generation

Automate the generation of charges, saving time and ensuring accurate billing.

Fast and secure

Our lightweight design allows for fast and secure operations

Built to Scale with AI

With the improvements in AI Technology, The Sprint platform is built to scale

Easy Customization

Our Modular Design allows companies to build custom apps on-top of the Sprint Platform

Customer Centric

We are obsessed about Customer Service. Try us, you will see!

Designed for simplicity

Logistics is already complicated, so Sprint is designed to simplicity

Relentless Improvements

We are comited to constant improvements based on customer feedback

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    What is Sprint Shipping Platform?

    Sprint Shipping Platform is an advanced logistics solution tailored for mailbox providers, freight forwarders, and international e-commerce businesses. It simplifies the process of managing and executing international shipping operations, offering a range of features including automated reception offloading, precision dimensioning and weighing, repacking, consolidation modulation, and more.

    Who can benefit from using Sprint Shipping Platform?

    Our platform is ideal for mailbox providers, freight forwarders, e-commerce businesses, and anyone involved in international shipping and logistics. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, our modular and scalable solution can be tailored to fit your specific needs.

    How does the modular focus of the platform work?

    Our modular focus means that Sprint Shipping Platform can be customized with plugins and features that specifically address the unique challenges and nuances of your business. This approach ensures that you have a solution that is not only effective but also evolves with your business needs.

    Can I integrate Sprint Shipping Platform with my existing systems?

    Yes, Sprint Shipping Platform is designed to be compatible with a variety of existing systems and software. Our team can work with you to ensure a smooth integration process.

    What is the pre-sign up offer about?

    Our pre-sign up offer allows interested customers to register their interest before the official launch of Sprint Shipping Platform. Those who pre-sign up will get early access to information, updates, and possibly exclusive offers when the platform goes live.


    We are a small group of inverntors, hackers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

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    Michele Ross

    Co-Founder and CEO

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    Kenneth Parris

    Co-Founder and CTO


    Here’s a roadmap of our current roadmap for public release:

    31 FEB 2021

    Initial Development

    Originally conceived as a tool to help in house challenges.

    01 AUG 2021

    Initial Release

    With the success of our initial testing and rapid development, we were able to handle 100% of the warehouse needs.

    Product Enhancement


    Analysis of the shipping industry led us to enhance the product with new features to meet the growing challenges facing shippers.